Her Helping Hand

Companion Services
for your Elderly
Family Members

We care for our clients
as we would for our
own family.


Why choose Her Helping Hand?

Her Helping Hand provides senior companion services for your elderly family members. We ensure your loved ones stay active, independent and social. We help your elderly family members continue to lead a fulfilling life and stay connected to the world around them.


We spend the time to understand you and your family’s needs.

Our quality of care and support ensures your loved ones feel like they are with their own family.

Our team is built of people who have a passion for helping others - we do this because we love it.


  • Carolyn

    First of all, I want to keep all of Andy's time for myself and I hope no one hears of her services. I knew by week two she was the optimum caregiver for me!
  • Nancy

    I first met Andy through a team member over a year ago who happened to be visiting someone on Mom’s floor. I was getting ready to head south for the winter and worried about leaving Mom that long. Her Helping Hand started visiting her before I left and it worked so well and I knew Mom would be in good hands and I would have someone to keep me up to date.Covid-19 has made it even more important to have the team continue with regular visits and brighten Mom’s day. Paula has changed her schedule to accommodate Mom over mealtime to encourage her to eat and is working well. She has become a friend to her and also me. Andy and her team have given me peace of mind and companionship for Mom along with smiles, music, activities, and offers to help in any way they can. You are all very special people. Thank you!!!!!
  • Judy

    Andy has been seeing my mother on a weekly basis for several months now. She is such a great asset to my mom and to my family, she gives my mom the socialization that she needs as my mom doesn’t get out much and with our busy lives, we can’t get over to see her as often we'd like to. Andy has hired people she trusts who have the same compassion and friendly demeanor - they truly enjoy spending time with seniors and making a difference in their lives. When Andy is not available,  Marcia from Her Helping Hand spends time with mom, Marcia is another great "Helping Hand". My mom is very appreciative and happy to see them when they visit – it lifts her spirits and breaks up her days just sitting around by herself. Andy and Marcia have definitely made an impact on my mom’s life and we are forever grateful for Her Helping Hand.
  • Marie and Michelle

    Since our father passed away, our mom began to withdraw and show signs of depression. We knew we couldn’t be with her all the time so sought out Andy and her team to help sit with mom for conversation or anything else mom may need. Mom has dementia and isn’t very welcoming of new people so we warned Andy and hoped everything would go smoothly. Things went so well indeed that mom smiles when she talks about that nice lady Andy who listens to music with me and brings me a coffee. Andys gentle personality makes it easy to see why people are comforted by her and love having her around. We are so thankful for Andy and her staff, its such peace of mind knowing mom is not lonely when Andy and her staff are with her and we can feel good knowing she is looked after. If you are looking for companionship for your Mom or Dad or spouse, you are in good hands with Andy’s team at Her Helping Hand.
  • Shelley and Taylor

    Andy and 'Her Helping Hand' are a gift! Compassion, skill, knowledge, and spirit are the cornerstones of her approach to supporting Mom, and by extension our whole family. Mom adores Andy and enjoys every single moment that they spend together - shopping, chatting, lunching, playing cards, watching music videos…and that would be enough! However, she can always to be found on the extra mile… switching up her schedule to take Mom to a special appointment, making short notice doctor or lab visits, checking for signs of good eating, or passing on information and ideas about other and better ways to support Mom in her advancing dementia. Simply - Andy is family. We are so very grateful for the day a friend said, "do you know about Her Helping Hand?"  
  • Mary and Jack

    We are a 90 and 85-year-old couple blessed with 6 children and 16 grandchildren, with many of us in the medical profession mainly living in KW. We are so happy to be living in our home but we recognized that we could use some help. Andy McMurdo started with a half day/week assisting us in so many ways. After getting to know Andy we increased her time to 2 mornings a week. Andy is professional, very knowledgeable about the world and our community, knows how to manage a household, and is incredibly efficient. Andy knows how to "get things done" and is always so pleasant, full of life and willing to do anything we ask. She is a very capable, vibrant and engaging woman with an obvious passion for Seniors and our special needs. But the most outstanding attribute Andy possesses is her compassion. We look forward to every visit with Andy.
    Mary and Jack
  • My first client

    Andy and Her Helping Hand came along just at the right time to help my wife who was diagnosed with dementia. Her dementia was at the stage where I needed some help as she couldn't be safely left alone at home anymore.  Andy brought so much enthusiasm to her Helping Hand role and was able to engage my wife in many activities while I had some time to me.  She took my wife grocery shopping, for walks, did exercises at home, took her to appointments, helped with chores around the house, enjoyed time looking through old photos, listening to music and much more.  She went out of her way to make sure we had help when we needed it most and hired caring staff to fill in when she wasn't available.
    I wish Andy and Her Helping Hand much success in her business.  She is a special person and so very well suited for this role.
    C's husband

First Aid and CPR certified