Elderly services to help around the home and away.

Stay active, keep engaged in the community.

At Her Helping Hand, we offer customizable support services to help your elderly family members at home & away, we ensure they stay active & engaged in their community. From simple tasks and activities at home, to ventures out with friends in the community, our companionship and support is designed to keep seniors active & engaged.

At Home

We provide a variety of services to help around the home, and to keep seniors stimulated and active.

Away From Home

We help seniors get out, get things done, and keep engaged with their community and friends.

Meal Preparation

Chopping and dicing, boiling, blending, baking…whatever your desire, we want to help you in the kitchen.


Do you want a walk in the park, one in the forest with the dog, or a walk in the mall on a cold winter day. We are happy to join you and pick a friend or two up along the way.


We may not have green thumbs, but we love getting outside to rake, cut grass, weed, and plant when we can.

Dining Out

Lunch out at Tim's after a hair appointment? Sure, we would love to join you or ask a friend and we can run an errand for you while you catch up. Any occasion works for a meal out in our books.


This we are experts in. With active kids of our own, we have hours of practice. We'll clean and fold just right for you.

Grocery Shopping

We keep the cupboards full by helping with, or doing the grocery shopping for our clients.

Anything Else? Appointments, Errands, Cultural Outings, Grocery Shopping, and Visiting Friends

Do you want to catch you grandson's hockey game but don’t have a ride. How about your granddaughter's music recital? I can get you there to enjoy sharing these precious memories.

Try one of our fidget quilts or activity blankets

Order one of our fidget quilts or activity blankets for your loved one. It's a lap quilt that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless hands of someone with Alzheimer's and/or other forms of dementia. Just use the contact button below to get in touch and order a blanket.

Large, 27" x 19", with 7 activities, cost $75 (pictured below).
Small, 19" x 15", with 5 activities, cost $40.
HHH - Fidget Blanket.jpg